I play too many video games. Like, way too many. Though I’d say I’m much more of an old school sort, there’s occasionally a few modern titles that really leave an impression on me. Dark Souls was one of those few series, just absolutely breathtaking for the minimalist ambiance that still expresses rich lore with very little.

While I find most of the most recent Cureless gacha set to be pretty amazing, the Gashadokuro piece really stood out to me. I had to do something with it.As far as big spoopy skeletons go, High Lord Wolnir is up there.

Items pictured:

Outfit: [NC] – Honor of the Warrior – Get it at We ❤ Roleplay!

Skeleton: CURELESS[+] Yokai Chronicles / Gashadokuro / PURE

Crown (on Skeleton): AZOURY – Royal Crown Metallic Gold

Pose:*!R.O!* Last Assassin Bento Pose w/ Mask and Katana


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