Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2 – using V-Tech mod)

Background: Anxiety – Heathen – Get it at Shiny Shabby!

Hair: Zibska – Vesna

Headdress: DRD – Dead Religion Headdress (black)

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Punky Ear

Makeup: Zibska – Ballard Makeup – Get it at Thereafter!

Teeth: [ContraptioN] Needle Jaw

Eye glass/cuts: Cureless – Blind Angel

Shoulders: Zibska – Verad

Neck/Wrist Ruffs: Zibska – Ballard – Get it at Thereafter!

Corset: \//. – Belladona – Get it at Romp!

Harness: S&P – Ivy Harness

Hand tattoo: Zibska – Mallt Deux

Leggings: Zibska – Quip

Shoes: Azoury – Shima – Get it at Blush!

Scythe: [CX] Wasteland Reaper – Get it at Thereafter!


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