Items Pictured:

(Body Standard #2)

Background: Anxiety – Ouch – Get it at SaNaRae!

Bubbles/Particles: E.V.E Dancing Bubbles & Fireflies {Pink & Purple Pack}

Dragons/Pose: + RARE Fierce Dragon Brothers + {egosumaii} (dual pose 2) – Get it at the Arcade!

Hat: [KROVA] Sandogasa Prototype V2

Headpiece/Shoulder: Zibska – Einarr Terra


Hair: Doe – Rai (Two-Tone) – Candy RARE

Visor: Violetility – Visor – IW

Horns: + Firey White Yokai Horns + {egosumaii}

Lipstick: Zibska – Sukie Lips – IW

Neck Tattoo: Zibska – SineV – IW

Body Tattoo (Black): Zibska – Alvise – IW

Arm Tattoo: CURELESS – Magnolia Tourmaline

Halo: CURELESS – Synthetic Angel Halo (PURE)

Sleeves: Sweet Thing. Amalthea Sleeves – Petal (Maitreya) – Get it at the Arcade!

Nails: Empire – Stiletto Nails (Ultra)

Kimono: =Zenith= Xiang Mo Dress (Pink) – Maitreya

Black Skirts: :Moon Amore: Dark Moon Queen Outfit / Outer Layer

Shoes: =Zenith= Qing xing deng Shoes (Maitreya) – RARE


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