Through the Looking Glass

Pictured Items:

Backdrop: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Liddell’s Home / Liddell’s Nightmare RARE (One part is in the Daydream Lootbox, other is in Nightmare Lootbox) – Get it at Lootbox!

Skin: Plastik – Unicorn Kinn://Darkin Skin – Get it at Lootbox!

Eyes: ANATOMY – Tiered Eyes – Albino Dark RARE – Get it at Lootbox!

Hair: Eliavah – Sora Hair – Get it at Hair Fair!

Horn: :[P]:- Kinn Horn:// Spear – Get it at Lootbox!

Glasses: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Spectacles II – Get it at Lootbox!

Arms: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Unlost Arm R / GIANNI RARE – Get it at Lootbox!

Corset: ANTINATURAL[+] Mad Malice / Laudium Edge / RARE GIANNI – Get it at Lootbox!

Staff: ANTINATURAL [+] Mad Malice / Equestrian Mace / GOLD – Get it at Lootbox!


The False Songstress

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Backdrop: ANTINATURAL – Post-Human / Holy Hideout/Unholy Hideout

Tank: ANTINATURAL – Post-Human / Mertank

Hair: Zibska – Eurydome – Get it at Hair Fair!

Mask: Contraption – Jacker Mask

Lipstick: Zibska – Talya Lips – Get it at Shiny Shabby!

Outfit: R2 – Seiga (R.Blue)

Legs: Azoury – Dessein Leg – Get it at Cosmopolitan!

Why does the blood never stick to your teeth?

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #1)

Gears: E.V.E Cyber Flowers CLOUD & MURAL v.1.0 – Get it at the Liaison Collaborative!

Hair: Exile::Never Time At All – Marketplace!

Headpiece/Collar: Zibska – Altro – Get it at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival!

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Altro Eyeshadow – Get it at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival!

Jaw: CURELESS – Sentient Jaw – Cureless Mainstore!

Eye Augment: [ContraptioN] Atreus-02 Eye – Contraption Mainstore!

Monocle: [ContraptioN] Bramley’s Monocle *???* L – Contraption Mainstore!

Collar: [ContraptioN] Lightbender Boa – Get it at Equal10!

Coat: Hotdog – Tailcoat . Black – Get it at We ❤ RP!

The Cat Came Back

Backdrop: Anxiety – Capsule Dark – Anxiety Mainstore!

Skin: Plastik – Athari Pastelle Ed// Senami Femme

Phone: Violetility – VPhones – Get it at We ❤ RP!

Cat: Moon Amore – Octokitty Plush PINK –
Get it at the Arcade!

Halo: DISORDERLY – Hail Electric (Circles and Triangles) – Get it at TMD!

Hair: Exile – Party at Claire’s – Get it at Vanity!

Eyeshadow/Lips: Zibska – Kyra Lips/Eyeshadow – Get it at the Liaison Collaborative!

Extra Eyes/Eye Appliers: CURELESS[+] Quattrocular & Space Eyes / – Cureless Mainstore!

Bodysuit (Blue): (Milk Motion) space bodysuit – blue

Bodysuit (White): CURELESS[+] Flowerpress – Cureless Mainstore!

Gloves: :Moon amore: OuterSpace / Hyper Gloves / White – Get it at the Arcade!

Boots: :Moon amore: OuterSpace / Galactic Boots / White – Get it at the Arcade!

I will not cower in terror of myself, of who and what I am.

Pictured Items:

Backdrop: SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Acheron Hallway RARE – Get it at The Arcade!

Aura: CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Profane Invocation / PURE

Wings: Aii – + Seraphim Wings L + {egosumaii}

Crosses: DISORDERLY. / Removed Prayer / Gotico Cross / Floating – Disorderly Mainstore!

Hair: Truth – Yuko

Eyeshadow/Lips: Zibska – Neiro Makeup/Lips – Get it at We ❤ Roleplay!

Glove: Contraption – Saboteur’s Gloves – Contraption Mainstore!

Bracer: SEMPITERNAL [Ancestors] Capulet Bracer COPPER – Get it at The Arcade!

Coat: Hotdog – Tailcoat . White – Get it at We ❤ Roleplay!

Pauldron: NC – Insurgent Warrior (Bracer)

The Giving Tree

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Head: Raven Bell – BJD Bento Head // Jessie – Marketplace / In-World

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – The Ever Unreached 46 – Bauhaus Movement Mainstore

Table: DISORDERLY – Falling For Desserts // Table and Chairs – Get it at the Arcade!

Cider/Cake: DISORDERLY – Falling for Desserts // Cider Dispenser/Apple Cake – Get it at the Arcade!

Apples/Goblets: DISORDERLY – Apple Bounty – Get it at Shiny Shabby!

Tree: CUREMORE – Lost Paradise – Paradise Tree (Beige) – Cureless Mainstore!

Hair: Exile – Adore – Get it at eBento!

Headdress: Bauhaus Movement – Grimhilde Headpiece – Bauhaus Movement Mainstore

Bodysuit: CURELESS – Flowerpress (Black) – Cureless Mainstore!

Corset: CURELESS – Melodic Doll // Violin Torso – Cureless Mainstore!

Gloves: CODEX – Selena Bento Gloves

Shoes: Azoury – Charnel Ballet Shoe – Get it at Cosmopolitan!

Computer Blue

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #1)

Back Augment: Contraption – Hy-dr4 Augment – Contraption Mainstore!

Arms: [ContraptioN]&The Horror!~ Quadris Prosthesis *default* M

Pauldrons/Crown/Collar: Zibska – Vik – Zibska Mainstore!

Mask (eyes): Azoury – Unbreakable Mask – Get it at Limit8!

Mask (mouth) A&Y Neos Cyber Mask (Jake)

Coat: Hotdog – Slim double breasted jacket (Clemmm Version) – Get it at TMD!

Hands: Contraption – Sk3let0 Arms – Contraption Mainstore!

Bodysuit: Cureless – Flowerpress (black) – Cureless Mainstore!

Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic (Jake)