Cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Backdrop: Anxiety – Psychowave restroom RARE – Get it at the Epiphany!

Pose(male): Bauhaus Movement – Gritty Beats_//-No Relief 21 – Get it at Liaison Collaborative!

Pose(female): Bauhaus Movement – Gritty Beats_//-No Relief 51 – Get it at Liaison Collaborative!

Hair: Exile – Slow Dancing – Get it at Collabor88!

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Woova Eyemakeup – Get it at 4Mesh!

Eyeshadow(Left): Zibska – Pari – IW

Lipstick: Zibska – Beau – Get it at Sense!

Outfit: ALTAIR & Eliavah – Chantilly Set – Get it at the Epiphany!


You Make Mistakes You Don’t Regret

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Gritty Beats_//-No Relief 23

Robotic Companion: anxiety %E-B29 companion (Reward from event, may not be possible to acquire any longer.)

Hair: Exile – Relentless – Get it at Collabor88!

Headphones: Bauhaus Movement – Interdimensional Hyperdrive/SILVER

Robotics(Shoulders): [ContraptioN] Hy-dr4 Augment

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Bennini – Get it at Ultra!

Lips: Zibska – Baska – Get it at Ultra!

Collar: Bauhaus Movement –

Sweater: Eliavah – Dooboo Sweater – Get it at Seasons Story!

Nails: Pink Hustler – Witch Nails

Reality’s a Plague

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2 – with V-Tech mod)

Backdrop: %anxiety – 0400 – Get it at Man Cave!

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Gritty Beats_//-No Relief 27 – Get it at Liaison Collaborative!

Hair: Zibska – Aoede – MP/IW

Headphones: Bauhaus Movement – Interdimensional Hyperdrive (Silver) – Get it at The Project Seven!

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Woova Eyes – Get it at 4Mesh!

Lips: Zibska – Woova Lips – Get it at 4Mesh!

Wings: Eliavah – Energia Wings

Extra Arms: Aii – Extra Bento Arms

Extra Arms Tattoo: [Gauze] Dragon Fades [Arcane]

Chest Gems/Glitter: Aii – Crystal Gems – Get it at Etoile!

Gloves: Codex – Sadystika

Sleeves/Coat/Boots: r2 – Baika set (Black) – Get it at Collabor88!

Harness(black): Wicca’s Wardrobe – Haley Harness

Harness(purple): Ghoul – Juuzou Harness (Night Queen)

This side of moon could take you out of the darkness

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Zero Gravity 03 – Get it at the Liaison Collaborative!

Hair: TRUTH – Caralisa (New release at mainstore!)

Collar/Orbit: Zibska – Sian – Get it at 68 Main!

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Colier – Get it at The Makeover Room!

Lipstick: Zibska – Ceri – Get it at 68 Main!

Eyelashes: Dead Dollz – Flaunt

Outfit: r2 – Baika – Get it at Collabor88!

Claws: Contraption – Saboteur’s Claws

Tattoo: White Widow – Snatch (gold)

The Devil’s in the Details

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Pose: Poseidon – Flight 9

Backdrop: anxiety – rule#1

Horns: Bauhaus Movement – Misanthropy / Horns BLACK

Tails: Bauhaus Movement – Loki Wings-Tail / BLACK

Hair: Moon – Fatal Horizon

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Esta Eyeshadow – Get it at the Project Seven!

Headphones: Bauhaus Movement – Interdimensional Hyperdrive//SILVER –

Mask: AZOURY – Barbelo Mask – Get it at the Chapter Four!

Collar: VV – Rye Collar

Body Tattoo: Aii – Dark Hearted

Scales: Cynefin – Red Body Scales

Bodysuit/Wings: Eliavah – Runa’s Collection – IW

Harness: Ghoul – Juuzou Bondage Harness

Feathers: Zibska – Afanen Uomo

Skirt: Ghee Wired – Cage Skirt – Gunmetal

Feet: tentacio – Battle Angel Legs


Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Ass Kicker

Backdrop: %anxiety – F25

Hair: Exile – Persuasion – Get it at Collabor88!

Mask: ParxDesign ~ Rebel Cage & Fin – Get it at SaNaRae!

Orbit: Zibska – Themis – Group Gift!

Pauldrons: RO – The Quest – Shoulders – Knightmare

Romper: erratic / tess – romper / black latex

Harness: tentacio – let me breathe harness (black)

Gloves: CODEX – Sadystika – Get it at Kinky!

Body Tattoo: Cynefin – Body Scales (Purples)

Skirt: .aisling. {ML-Satrina} – Skirt (Purple)

Leggings: :Moon Amore: Dark City / Garters&Stockings (Onyx)

Shoes: AZOURY – Aggee Shoe – Get it at Kinky!

You’re nothing but a cold heart covered in gold.

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2 – With 5j Lamia tail)

Pose: Cynefin – Lorelei Bento Poses (Pose Pack 1) – MP

Halo: Air_Karyobinga 4)Halo Puple_TM – Get it at Japonica!

Hair: Truth – Imani

Head Decoration/Orbit: Zibska – Themis – New Group Gift!

Eyeshadow/Lips: Zibska – Aracelli Makeup Set – New Group Gift!

Tongue: .:Soul:. Lickers [v.1.2] – Liz

Collar: \//. Rye Collar -NoSpikes-

Bento Arms: Aii – Bento Extra Arms

Extra Non-Bento Arms: Aii – Kali Embrace

Arm Tattoo (Bento Arms) – [Gauze] Dragon Fades -Huds + Tattoos [Arcane]

Arm Tattoo (Pink): CURELESS – Anointed Hands (Bubblegum)

Shoulders: Poet’s Heart – Welding Practise

Hand Webs: Aii – Webbed Hands

Shawl: Aii – Summer Night Shawl

Tattoo (Scales): ~ Cynefin ~ Body Scales (Purples) 1.1 – MP

Body Vines: Elivah+nani/Fae’s Monarch – Fleur Body Vines – Get it at Lootbox!