Run Rabbit Junk

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Backdrop: anxiety – Heathen2

Sign: ANTINATURAL [+]/ Watcher Neon / VIP

Hair: A&Y – Cyber Ghost Hair (Blue)

Horns/Collar: Zibska – Quyen – Get it at We ❤ Roleplay!

Head: Azoury – Dies Irae Cyborg Head – Get it at Cosmopolitan!

Outfit/Gun Arm: V-Tech – Sgt. Liza Set – Get it at the Arcade!

Robotic Arm: Omnis – Black Widow V.2

Heart: ANTINATURAL [+] Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Heart – Cureless Mainstore!


Something Borrowed

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

Pose: Hotdog – Unsettled Pose 7 – Hotdog Mainstore!

Christmas Tree: DISORDERLY / Fancy Glam / Christmas Tree – Get it at the Arcade!

Wreath: CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Killer Wreath / EXCLUSIVE – Get it at the Epiphany!

Hat: Hotdog – Elf . very long hat . Mistletoe . VIP – Get it at the Epiphany!

Makeup: Dotty’s Secret – The Villain – Dotty’s Secret Mainstore!

Hair: Exile – Daphne – Get it at the Epiphany!

Outfit/Dogs: CURELESS[+] Christmas Nightmare / Skellington Suit / Ghost Puppy – Get it at the Epiphany!

Hands: Antinatural[+] Post-Human / Monsterhand WHITE – Cureless Mainstore!

Beggars Can’t be Choosers.

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #1)

Skybox: ANTINATURAL Mad Malice [+] Liddel’s Nightmare – Cureless Main Sim!

Chair: SEMPITURNAL – Father’s Armchair – Get it at the Arcade!

Large Shaped Presents/Wreath/Stockings/Goat’s Head: /anxiety/ antichrist’mas set – Get it at the Epiphany!

Tree/Small Presents/Buffet Table/Candles: DISORDERLY./ Fancy Glam – Get it at the Arcade!

Dining Table/Cake: DISORDERLY./ A Very Cherry Xmas – Get it at the Epiphany!

Mask: [ContraptioN]Masks: Death’s Mourn

Outfit: Hotdog – Elf on the Shelf (Bad Elf set w/ VIP Reward Hat) – Get it at the Epiphany!

Hands: ANTINATURAL [+] Post-Human / Monsterhand TEAL / GIANNI – Cureless Main Sim!


Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2)

House: .Florix. Gingerbread House – Red

Well: *HEXtraordinary* Wishing Well – Get it at Enchantment!

Petals: E.V.E WHISPER Petals {Gold} Rare – E.V.E Mainstore!

Candy Decor: Bee designs Hansel & Gretel’s Christmas Gacha – Get it at Enchantment!

Hair: Exile – Adrena – Get it at Collabor88!

Gloves: Bauhaus Movement – Audrey Gloves (Pink) – Bauhaus Movement Mainstore!

Dress: Les Sucreries de Fairy – * Gretel’s Delight * Blue Dress – Get it at Enchantment!

Basket: Infinity_Grettel Basket Light – Get it at Enchantment!

The Price of Insult

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Hearts Burst Into Fire 09 – Bauhaus Movement Mainstore!

Sparkles: E.V.E Gem in the Rough {Diamond} – E.V.E Mainstore!

Tree: JIAN Raven Collection :: Spooky Tree

Branches: E.V.E Ivy w/o Bioluminescent Fungus [S M02-A] Soft – E.V.E Mainstore!

Pathway: E.V.E Cracked Ice {Path 2 R} – E.V.E Mainstore!

Owl: [ContraptioN] Animesh: Monster of the Barn *midnight* – Get it at Enchantment!

Flask: Elemental – Magical Potion (Aqua) – Get it at Enchantment!

Star Orbit: Zibska – Astra – Get it at Dubai!

Hair: Raven Bell Willow Hair + Branches – Get it at Enchantment!

Dress: RAPTURE-Dress Rumina-Maitreya-RARE – Get it at Enchantment!

Boots: AZOURY Intuitive Boots Maitreya Lara 7 RARE – Get it at The Arcade on December 1st!

Dark Ritual

Pictured Items:

(Body Standard #2 w/ V-Tech)

Bed/Crosses/Photos: + SEMPITERNAL [Nicho’s Bedroom Set] – Get it at Eclipse!

Fountain: DISORDERLY – Overgrown Fountain – Get it at Eclipse!

Building: SEMPITERNAL – [Martyrdom] –

Horns(gold): Eliavah – Zorah Horns – Eliavah Mainstore!

Horns(Black): Bauhaus Movement – Misanthropy Horns – Bauhaus Movement Mainstore!

Mask: Zibska – Rozenn – Zibska Mainstore!

Collar: CURELESS[+] Entropy Collar – Get it at Eclipse!

Arms: ANTINATURAL – Mad Malice / Unlost Arms – Cureless Mainstore!

Lower Body/Intestines: HOTDOG – Gutted –
Get it at Eclipse!

The Forbidden Room

Pictured Items:

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Shattered Mind 40 – Bauhaus Movement Mainstore!

Building: TLG – Basilica – Get it at Enchantment!

Clock: ::Static:: – Grandfather Clock (Walnut) – Get it at Enchantment!

Desk: Moonlight Shadow – Grimm’s Table – Get it at Enchantment!

Flower: Zibska – Faith – Get it at Enchantment!

Coat: MK – Evan Cloak

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Faith Eyeshadow – Get it at Enchantment!

Lips: Zibska – Faith Lips – Get it at Enchantment!

Key Necklace: The Half Moon Market – Lady Bluebeard’s Trophy – Get it at Enchantment!

Cravat: Hotdog – Cravat Ruffle v2 – Get it at the Hotdog Mainstore!

Suit: Hotdog – Slender Suspender Outfit – Solids – Get it at Equal10!

Gloves: Contraption – Saboteur’s Gloves – Contraption Mainstore!